There are only a few people in this world in comparison to the vast population of the earth who sleep, eat and drink in remembrance to the almighty one. Those who do this are known as the ascetics to the people but to the owner of the worlds (Malik Al Alameen), they are even closer to him. They are the true friends (Awlia Allah) of Allah Tobaroka wa ta’la. They are known as merely humans with blood and flesh to the people of the outside world but to the wise ones they are indeed, the true knowers of the world that is surreptitious into the ocean of knowledge and wisdom and thus they discover the creator.

Ascetics believe and they sacrifice; and they sacrifice and they know; they know and they get lost in the love of the almighty one who created the vast ocean of knowledge and wisdom which lies inside every human regardless of their casts, creeds and believes, and yet they (the mass) remain unknown to their very own.

Shah Sufi Abdul Khaleq Chishti Rahimahullahil Kareem (Shah Siddikinogori) is certainly one of them as he has exactly done that. He has chosen the life of Wisdom in place of Ignorance; he has selected the life that is immortal through its perfection and excellence. Khaza Shah Siddiknogori was born on 31st December of 1947 at Belua, Tangail. His predecessors were originally from Tangail District but he moved to Belgari, Sherpur, Bogura at a later time, by the command of his own Murshid. He is the founder of ‘Siddiknogori Dorbar Shorif’ most impotantly,

-Proclaimed officially on July 22th, 1979.

Khaza Shah Siddiknogori has left no stone unturned to preach the message of love, patience and tolerance. He guided his adherents with knowledge and wisdom and thus flourished the inner good that is inherent in every man and woman. He has gone through the life of extreme difficulties in order to establish true way of life and reiterated civilization to the people living in the remote areas of India and Bangladesh, and through difficult times, conveyed the message of peace, love, knowledge and wisdom by the divine assistance which we count on. Siddiknogori Dorbar Shorif is the biggest fruit of all his endeavors that he ever attempted.

It’s a place where there was no civilized way of life among the locals living during that era; and for the masses, fighting over trivial issues like land arbitration and so on was merely a daily routine. The roads and communications system there, was so weak that residents who lived there would commute through waterways for their daily errands.

For the locals there, tolerance was a big issue, especially if it’s about a newcomer. However, in the pre-establishment periods of ‘Siddiknogori Dorbar Shorif’ he was commanded to settle in that region (Siddiknogori, Bakshiganj, Jamalpur, Bangladesh) by his Murshid-e-Kamil Khaza Mast-e-Saki RH. through ‘Ilhaam’ (direct divine guidelines which gets revealed to the adherent by his esteemed Guru).


When for the first time, Rehnuma-e-Siddikeen, Ata-e-Eyatimeen O Khaza-e-Abideen, Shah Siddikinogori R.K. came into this remote village of Jamalpur District

he saw the miserable lives of the people there, at one stage, out of his inherent circumspect, he decided to establish a ‘Dorbar’ (a spiritual gathering place) in there just beside the flowing river that was teemed with water in that time. Over time, by dint of his patience, hard work, perseverance and the divine blessings he was able to establish a ‘Dorbar’ which according to his vision and mission, was named as ‘Siddiknogori Dorbar Shorif’.

‘Siddikeen’ is an Arabic word which implies the meaning ‘believers’, and ‘Nogori’ is a Bangla word that refers to the meaning ‘City’. ‘Shorif’ is an honorific epithet which is also an Arabic word, and it means ‘honorable’ or ‘revered’; therefore, the name of the Dorbar that he established implies the meaning ‘The revered city of the believers’. Since then, it is known by that name. The places around the Dorbar has been known as Siddiknogori over time, and it is also officially recorded in the government documents.

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