was established on October 1, 1996 A.D. Since, after the establishment, it went through a wide range of difficulties to spread the message of mutual co-operation, love for a common goal (spiritual sanctity), perseverance and tolerance. Since then, it has been considered a milestone to its adherents and local residents alike as a place of tranquility and spiritual refinement. It’s a place where people of different backgrounds not only gather, but they share mutual feelings and interests regarding their spiritual problems and interests, and thus enhance the social connectivity through co-operation and tolerance. To its nearby residents, it is more than a ‘Dorbar’. It is a place where they find their very own, and could escape from the worldly pullback for at least a while. No political talks are held here, and it has no political interests to stick to, rather it represents itself as an intermediary of mutual connectivity, and thus, discourages the social conflicts and differences which contributes in the long run to bring forth social peace. Peace is the ultimate message here. It is no place of ‘Fatwa’. Therefore, those who seek spiritual refinement as way of upholding the inner-strength, it can be a Goldmine for them. Sectarian philosophies are never ever inspired here but it feels that it has duty to spread the message of a common goal (spiritual sanctity) for every individual irrespective of their cast, color and creed. Every year on January 10 annual ‘Uros’ is celebrated with utmost festivity and religious sobriety on the occasion of ‘Wisal’ day of Khaza Shah Abdul Bari Rowshonabadi R. who is one of the predecessors (Murshid-e-Haq) of the Chishtiya-Sabriya Wilayah of India and Bangladesh according to the founder’s (Siddiknogori R.K.) own ‘Shazara’ (the filial tree or the tree of representative lineages) Everyone is welcome here, but not to forget, it’s a safe haven for only those who seek to grow their inner strength i.e. latent spiritual energy that is present in every single person of the entire creation, but certainly not to those who look out to fulfill their skewed personal motives or to fulfill their worldly desires.